John is a EMT that works for the City. He’s 27 years old, and had a starting Weight of 303 lbs at a height of 5’7’’.  John bought into a 3 month Package with me focusing on my Conditioning Programs that are run off Boxing/MMA/Circuit Training based principles.  He’s committing 3x per week doing 1 on 1 Sessions with me, and another 2x per week on his own following my guidelines for “off-day” workouts.


Our first Session together was NOT a SUCCESS! John’s current weight and cardio level was barely allowing him make it through a couple warm-up laps and a jump rope “Round” at the beginning of our Workout. His strength level was also at a point where I was lucky to get 1-2 full range pushups from him when we started our Strength Circuit. A typical Session for this type of Workout runs 45-55 minutes. I’m fairly certain we made it through only 25-35 of actual working minutes.


TODAY is a different story! We’ve JUST hit the 1-month mark, 10 sessions in, and John has progressed extremely well. His last weigh-in reporting was a full 10 lbs off, down to 293, and he has already been receiving unsolicited “you look good/better” and “you been hitting the gym!?!?” type compliments. (As an FYI this is the BEST way to gauge your progress…don’t JUST rely on the scale and mirror because you do that each and every day). Regarding his Workouts….John now motors through his laps, sprints, and is progressing very well on his jump rope “Rounds.” His squat/lunge work is much better, and his overall upper body strength is improving weekly to a point where I can now modify the Workouts on the fly to accommodate his strength gains. (Pushups have gone up from 1-2 full range pushups up to 7-8 on the Nike Pushup Bars!!).


Also, John had a “real world” experience the other day he’d mentioned to me as a result of his increased endurance and strength. Months ago, John had an emergency call at work where he had to run up 5 flights of stairs to an ailing patient. He admitted to needing “a ton” of time to catch his breath and re-group before he could fully focus and tend to the patient. Just last week, John did the EXACT SAME flight of stairs at the EXACT SAME HOUSE/PATIENT and when he got to the top, he was able to catch his breath and re-group in a fraction of the time. He admitted that both he AND his partner IMMEDIATELY noticed the difference and were amazed at how fast his cardio was progressing. Needless to say, John was pumped!


One thing to remember is that these gains/successes DO NOT happen overnight or come easily. John “BRINGS IT” each and every day we work together, is extremely motivated to get back his “old self,” and diligently finds time to make each Session with me, and stick to his Off-Day Workouts.  John is not only an example of an “actual” success(IE- my programs are “working” for  him), but also an example of someone who wasn’t happy with physical state/appearance, and has decided to diligently DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  


Follow his motivational example and get yourself in top shape TODAY!





2 Packets Unflavored Instant Oatmeal – 200cal/8g Protein/38g Carbs

1 scoop of Syntha-6 Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein – 200cal/22g Protein/14g Carbs

1 Pack Stevia


Totals: 400 Calories / 30 grams Protein / 52 grams Carbs


Notes: Mix the 2 packets of Instant Oatmeal with Water only, about ½ Cup. Add in 1 Scoop of the Protein(which yields HUGE flavor!), and the Stevia. This is a quick mix that only takes 1 – 1 ½ minutes in the microwave. You’ll have a good balance of Cals/Proteins/Carbs and it only has about 10g of fat. Plus, adding in this flavor of the Syntha-6 makes oatmeal taste like cake batter!

Personal Recipe of Mine – POWER BREAKFAST




Here’s a recipe for a good “Power Breakfast” to start your morning right. Good taste, good calories, and a good mix of proteins and carbohydrates. I personally eat this each and every morning when I can and notice a HUGE difference in energy/appetite/etc. throughout the morning if I skip this meal…


6 Egg Whites – 180cal/36g Protein/6g Carb

3 Slices Turkey Bacon – 60cal/9g Protein/0g Carb

2 Slices Light Wheat Toast – 70cal/4g Protein/17carb

1 Medium Apple – 95cal/0g Protein/25g Carb

(2 tsp Reduced Fat Grated Parmesan Cheese)


Totals (w/ the parm cheese): 425 Calories / 50 grams Protein / 50 grams Carbs


Notes: Try and buy 100% Liquid Egg Whites(same good taste and you’ll get a FULL serving of egg white w/ each ¼ Cup). Buy Jennie-O 95% Fat Free Turkey Bacon(it’s one of the lowest sodium turkey bacon options and has great taste). Aim for LIGHT Wheat Toast as it has a big caloric/carb difference than regular. For the flavorings, I use Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasonings, and I top the egg whites off with 2 tsp of the Reduced Fat Parm Cheese which yields only 20 cal, and 1g of fat as opposed to large amount of Cal/Fat you’ll get w/ regular cheese. Also, since this is essentially a zero-fat breakfast, you may want to pop an Omega-3, Fish-Oil, etc

Boxing/MMA/Circuit Training Based Bootcamps

Any Groups Have Interest in a Boxing/MMA/Circuit Training Based Bootcamp!?!?

I’m considering offering a VERY affordable Boxing/MMA based Bootcamp style workout 2-3 times per week for the remainder of the summer. Workouts will run 40+ minutes per Session, and will be based in the Quincy area(exact located TBD). These will be modified Sessions of the Boxing/MMA based Conditioning Programs that I run for individual Clients….details on those Programs can be found on my Services tab to the right >

If you have a group of friends, a small team, colleagues, etc that may be interested in doing these great workouts, send an email inquiry to: and include your Name, Group size, and preferred dates/times. Price breaks will be offered at 5, 10, 15, and 20 participants, with a cap at 25 total. 

Let’s get started!

Client Recipe Idea – Sally’s Energy Mix!!

The following is a cheap, quick, great idea for a trail-mix style energy mix snack….

Four equal parts/components (preferably all organic/natural):

Unsalted pistacchios
Unsalted roasted almonds
Plain granola
Dried cranberries

Optional add – Yogurt-covered roasted peanuts 

Mix up a lot to keep stored for the week, or a little in a zip-lock bag to keep with you each day!!