Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour!

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A note from Steve, Founder/Owner/Head Trainer:

We are just about to hit our 2-year ‘anniversary’ here with open doors at 261 Willard, and SNF Fitness is happy to announce the formal transition into the Semi-Private Training model for our entire Studio. 1 on 1 individual Training is still certainly an option for those that need it, but on a limited basis. We’ve integrated approximately 10-12 individual Semi-Private Training hours into the facility over the last few months, with a combination of long standing and brand new Clients. This has been a complete success thus far. Clients are able to get nearly the exact same product that we originally built our business on, now at a reduced rate. We in turn, are able to accommodate more Clients within a given hour, increasing our reach to those that need it. PLEASE remember that Semi-Private Training is NOT ‘Group’ based Training where all participants are doing the exact same workout. This is still, as it’s always been at SNF Fitness, INDIVIDUALIZED Training. Group Training is great for those that can fit in to it, and there are many popular Programs out there. This is not what that is. There’s a large number of Clients out there that have unique needs, some injuries, various deficiencies in one area over others, time constraints, etc. etc. Our Semi-Private Training helps accommodate those people. It’s always been my goal to be able to get my Clients INDIVIDUALIZED Training Programs at a more affordable price, while still being able to ‘run a business.’ This model allows me to do just that.








**From our original post regarding the integration of this Program:


Personal Training at equivalent of $45/Session – ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training Hours at SNF Fitness

Interested in working with a Personal Trainer and getting ALL that comes with it, for approximately 40% OFF our standard 1 on 1 Training rates? This option is our now formalized ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training hours. ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training gets you ALL that comes with a standard Personal Training package through SNF Fitness: a set number of IN Studio Training hours, guided OUT of Studio work for you to do on your own time, our 3-phase Nutritional guidance, as well as unlimited phone/email/text support throughout the week. The change is that multiple Clients are now sharing the time and knowledge of 1 Personal Trainer. This is NOT a Group based ‘class’ where everyone is doing the same work. It’s just as written, 1 Trainer is now covering multiple Clients at the same time, running their individual Program. It’s a win-win as SNF is now able to accommodate more Clients within one given hour, and each Client saves a substantial amount of money by utilizing shared time.






Brand NEW October Special Just Announced – Training Packs w/ Nicole!

For the remainder of the month of October, all new or returning Clients to SNF Fitness that start a Training Program with our newest team member, Nicole Ramirez, will be eligible to get up to a full 20% OFF their first 8 Sessions with her. Nicole has been with us for well over a month now after transferring a book of business over from a local gym, and now runs approximately 15 1 on 1 Client Sessions here per week. Her transition has been seamless, and her comfort in using our unique space has grown with each and every hour Training here. Try a few Sessions with Nicole, and see why 95% of the people she’s now Training within these walls have been with her for up to 5 full years.

This offer relates to our 1 on 1, or ‘Buddy’ Training option. Nicole’s current calendar with us calls for late morning availability multiple days per week, and evening availability 2 days per week (other options may come available as well). Visit our STAFF page for a full bio on Nicole. Message STEVE direct for questions or to purchase!

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