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UPDATED for 2/25/14 – Please see both the Calendar below as well as the notes. As a reminder, 1 on 1 Training is available full time Monday through Friday, with a half day on Saturday. We are closed to the public on Sunday. Our Private Group Training option is available with the same availability hours Monday through Saturday.

**Please note that this Calendar represents our CURRENT Semi Private Training schedule. We are more than happy to add additional hours when we have consistent ‘sign-ups’ in a particular slot, or pair people up for ‘One the Fly’ or ‘Buddy Session’ times when possible. Inquire direct for more information regarding that option.**



MOM’s For January at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio

We’ll be taking this opportunity to introduce our new MOM’s Program here at SNF Fitness. MOM’s here at SNF are our Members of the Month at the gym.  I’ll be selecting 1 or possibly 2 Clients each month that have absolutely CRUSHED it in here, attended all planned Training Sessions the previous month, made physical progress as it relates to performance, and have seen scale or inch progress in some manner or another. Ironically, we’re starting the Program’s initial launch with 3 MOM’s that all deserve to be recognized.

#1 – MATT W: Matty Ice had one of the best all around January’s I can think of. Extra motivation came in the form of a ‘weight loss challenge’ at work, that helped push him to lose approximately 15-18 pounds in the last calendar month. All SNF workouts were attended and crushed, his off-day SNF workouts were completed, extra workouts were added in via various classes in town, and his Nutrition (INCLUDING BOOZE CONSUMPTIONS – Yes, that counts people), was dialed in 100%. Congrats to Matty Ice.

#2 – EMMA C: Msssss. Callahan walked into my 530p Semi Private hour yesterday and made what was a long and tiring day into nothing but smiles for me after announcing she was down 8 pounds this month, and stated “…and now I have sexy arms and jacked quads…” (while FLEXING, or course!). Progress was made via attending and crushing all planned SNF workouts, adding in Spin classes, and (from what I can tell from her Instagram account) cooking nothing but healthy dinners. Training Sessions have not been easy for her either as she’s been dealing with a couple of legitimate injuries, that have caused her to miss ZERO Training days. She instead, just gets $hit done. The ‘less excuses, more reps’ mindset has been working. Congrats to Ms. Callahan.

#3 – KRISTIN K: Kenny comes in with our ‘honorable mention’ this month as her progress is a bit of  Dec/Jan combo. Kenny hit her first workout with us on  Nov 20th, and since then, and with a 2 week gap in the middle for personal/work trips, has still managed to destroy 20 pounds of unwanted weight off her body. The weight is coming off, clothes are fitting better, and progress in Training Sessions has been there each and every week. Congrats to Kenny.

**For everyone that may know either of these 3, wish them a CONGRATS next time you see them. AND, for all those that Train here with us, FOLLOW THEIR LEAD and crush the next month with us. GET IT DONE.