Employment Opportunities!!

Looking to add 1-2 Personal Trainers and 1 Marketing/Sales person – both “part time” roles…..please send inquiries as well as resume/credentials to info@snf-fitness.com

Personal Trainer:
For this role, I’d like prospective candidates to have a minimum of 1 professional certification from a reputable accrediting body, and at least 6 months experience as a Personal Trainer. Hours for this role vary A LOT. To start, you’ll be covering some existing Clients, as well as possibly covering new Clients if they prefer to workout during times I’m not available. Prospective candidates need only a vehicle to travel to Clients, and I’ll be providing you with a stocked kit containing varied equipment I use. Since the majority of my Clients right now are taking part in my Boxing/MMA-based Outdoor Conditioning Programs, plan to Train in this the manner more often than not (meaning traveling to Client locations with your kit, and running the 1-hour sessions). Trainers that do not have experience with these type of Programs will need to shadow me for a handful of Sessions to see how they are run. This is not a full time role as of yet, so the best candidates are Trainers looking to supplement their income, have flexibility in their days to cover Sessions I can’t make, or are looking to get their feet wet in a new style of Training. Pay is 100% commission based, and I’ll offer a full 50-50 split on each session, similar to what you’d get if you were working under a health club’s umbrella. Also, treat this as a Sales role as well – meaning that if your work personally brings in referrals, or future package purchases from the Client you’re working with, I’ll write you a commission check at 10-15% for a job well done. Please remember that you are representing me and SNF Fitness when you’re out there Training.

For this role, I’m looking for a creative Marketing/Sales person to help me grow and expand my business. Plan to spend 1 hour or so each day finding different ways to get “www.snf-fitness” and this style of Personal Training in general out to the MASSES. I personally utilize my website, word-of-mouth, referrals, the occasional flyer, and craigslist to sell my business right now. Your job would be to expand upon these methods, and come up with new ways to get us more Clients. This is also a part-time role, so the ideal prospective candidate would be someone who’s looking to make some extra income on top of their current role, and that has a creative mind with regards to selling freelance mobile Personal Training. Pay is 100% commission based, and I’m offering 10-15% of ANY Package I sell to a Client that I book via one of your methods. This is a quick and easy way to make some cash and a good Marketing/Sales gig to put on your resume.

Awesome Home Workout Tool

Nike Raised Pushup Bars…
(Key “Nike Pushup Bars” into Google for A LOT of options of where to buy)
These Pushup Bars are something I’ve kept in my home for a while now. They’re light, sturdy, come apart for travel, and are elevated slightly more than some other brands allowing for a fuller range of motion. Below is a quick workout I’ll do if I’m pressed for time in my day. Note that I change my hand position with each set so that I hit different angles on my chest and arms…

Total Reps: 75 / Sets: 5 / Rest Period: 20-30 seconds
Set 1 – 15 reps with hands at standard grip – –
Set 2 – 15 reps with hands at 45 degree grip / \
Set 3 – 15 reps with hands at neutral grip | |
Set 4 – 15 reps with hands at underhand grip \ /
Set 5 – 15 reps with hand back to standard grip – –

Do each set slow and controlled, you’re not looking for fast-faced reps on these bars

“Healthy” Nacho Platter

Here’s a recipe for a more “healthy” version of a Nacho Platter you’d get at a restaurant. You’d be surprised that with just a few small substitutions and some decent flavoring, you’ll save yourself A LOT of calories & fat without sacrificing taste….

Tostitos Multigrain Chips OR Garden of Eatin’ all Natural Blue Chips
99% Fat Free Extra Lean Ground Turkey
Light OR Fat Free Sour Cream
All Natural Salsa
1 Onion / 1-2 Peppers / 1-2 Tomatoes
Fat Free Shredded Mozzarella Cheese
(Optional – 1/2 Bag Instant Brown Rice)

Cook the turkey, dice up all the veggies, layer over the chips, top it off with the cheese and salsa and pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes to crisp everything up and you’re good to go!

Recipes Coming Soon!

Please visit this page often to GREAT recipe ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks! Here you’ll find recipes taken from some of the trusted Fitness publications I frequent, and also ideas from my very own kitchen! People that know me best know that I’m ALWAYS looking to “create” the healthy version of some of my favorite foods!