SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio….where EVERYONE ‘fits right in’

SNF Fitness is a one of a kind Personal Training & Strength Studio located in Quincy, MA. Our first physical location has been open to the public for just over 4 months now. Though our Studio, space, resources, gear, and pics/vids may look EXTREME (and yes, quite frankly they are!), the people that come to Train with us are NOT just ‘crossfitter’ looking crazies. Our Client base includes people of ALL shapes, sizes, ages, activity levels, and fitness levels. Our youngest Client on our active roster is just 23 years old, and our oldest is 75 years young! EVERYONE feels comfortable, confident, and ‘fits right in’ with what we do here. Take a peek through this Vid that shows 19 of our active roster Clients I was able to catch on short notice to tell us how long they’ve been with us, and what they like about SNF Fitness. As you can see, EVERYONE ‘fits right in’ at our Studio!