Summer Special at SNF Fitness – ‘Buy 4 Get 1’ – 20% OFF Savings!

Greetings from the Team at SNF Fitness! See notes on our new ‘Summer Special’ which runs through Monday June 30th at 4pm!

Our ‘Summer Special’ starts at 4pm today, June 23rd, and runs for a week through 4pm on Monday June 30th. Similar to 
specials in the past, this one will again require a 2 month commitment up front. This will effectively take care of 
and cover the Summer with us! This time through, we’re running a ‘Buy 4 get 1’ offer where for every 4 Session Blocks 
you purchase, the next 1 is on the house. This will of course result in a 20% OFF savings to you over the next 2 months. 
For those that do mixed Training with us (IE, some 1 on 1’s and Semi Private’s), message me individually as I’ll be 
introducing you to a ‘Training Bank’ billing concept that I’ve been informally running with a small group of Clients for the last 
few months. All monies must be received by 4pm on the 30th either in person or online for this Special to be put through!