GROUP RIP Updates for May 2013

**UPDATE FOR 5/1/13 – Due to low turnout/attendance in general from our core group, we will be dropping the Thursday Session effective immediately for this month. Group Rip will now run every Tuesday at 7pm, and Saturday morning at 930am. Workouts will now be formatted to include FULL body work each and every time in. Cost will now be reduced to $60/month for all newcomers instead of the $90/month as originally posted. Message Steve with Q’s or to sign up, we have about 3 or so slots available for May**



New ‘Group Rip’ Sessions at SNF Fitness- Starting Thursday, May 2nd – As Low as $8/visit on a month to month membership!


We have open slots for next month’s public ‘Group Rip’ run by NEW Lead Trainer/Competition Prep Consultant & Coach Mike. See an updated bio on Mike HERE. The cost is $90/mo for UP TO 12 hours of Personal Trainer led Workouts. This is the best option within my facility, that is suitable for all beginners and intermediates, who are not ready for 1 on 1 or 1 on 2 Personal Training. This continues to be the most affordable way to Train at SNF Fitness, with accountability, direction, and education as a monthly focus.


Description: ‘Group Rip’ workouts will continue to be FULL BODY focused Training each and every time in, just utilizing some different methods, tempos, and rest intervals than we have done in the past. We guinea-pigged some new styles of Training with Mike over the last 2 months, with great success and feedback. We utilize Bodyweight Training methods, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, various Bands, and a variety of Suspension based apparatus (TRX, Blast Straps, Jungle Gym XTs). We’ll also flip in Battling Ropes, Tires, Sleds, Sledgehammers & more when class size allows. Plan for a combination of proper load bearing exercises (consider our 3 & 5 lb. Dumbbells primarily as decorations), and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style work. Each and every workout will be different, as we do NOT use preset cookie cutter workouts each and every week. We design the Sessions around total participants to fully maximize the space and the time.


Cost & Times: $90/mo membership due on the 2nd of every month. Sessions run every Tuesday/Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday at 930am. Do the math….if you make 3 solid workouts per week, you’re at less than $8/visit!


(NOTE: We offer ONE-TIME drop-ins at $15. After that, you must purchase a full month membership to receive the discounted package rate. Membership can be pro-rated upon signing up)