SNF Fitness is a Personal Training & Strength Studio, we are not a ‘gym’. Clients from an array of backgrounds and ability levels meet with us in an appointment based manner to focus on the IMPORTANT parts of a proper Strength Training program & Nutrition protocol, while eliminating the useless crap. If followed correctly, progress is limitless.

Our facility offers an outstanding, fully open floor plan with combinations of Strength, Suspension, Functional, Core-Specific, and Traditional gear. We’re able to accommodate ANYONE, from athletes looking to pack on size and strength, new Mom’s looking to lose their post pregnancy baby weight, Grandpa’s looking to reverse the aging process, as well as your average early 30’s working professional who’s tired of looking at the weight he or she has put on since their 20’s passed. Our space is designed to make everyone comfortable, confident, and able to maximize their time with us. We also offer nearly a dozen parking spaces, and a bathroom with shower and changing area.