A group of our most thoughtful reviews from Google and Yelp over the last few years……

Peter D:

Started training under Steve’s guidance almost 5 months ago & my only regret is that I didn’t find him sooner.  It had been a long time since I worked out in a gym atmosphere & quite honestly, I was embarrassed by my lack of strength .  Steve built me up physically & mentally, kept me motivated & focused and the results have been better than I could’ve imagined…I even upped my routine from to 2 to 3 days a week.  No matter how many people are working out, Steve is on top of every situation, from spotting a client to keeping track of each individual’s reps & sets (don’t know how he does it? he’s always right on!).  Plus, he’s always making sure your form is correct so there are no injuries or wasted movements.  He’s honest, forthright & up front w/expectations & very clear about policies & payments…everybody is on the same page, there’s no nonsense.  And if this matters to you (it does to me), the entire crew that trains @ SNF is fantastic!

Rama K:

Great place to train .. Steve is very friendly and professional trainer.. I would definately recommend someone who want bring it on and build strength and lose weight …

Jason B:

My wife and I started training with Steve to get in shape for an obstacle run. We didn’t know much about him, other than that he was close to our house and that he was certified. Every week, Steve gave us new creative and challenging exercises to prepare us for the obstacles that we’d be facing in the race. Suffice it to say that we murdered the course and considered running a second consecutive heat!

Based on our overwhelmingly positive experience, we’ve continued to train with Steve and we’re now focusing on targeted exercises based on our fitness goals. The results are already clear and have been noticed by friends and colleagues. Also, the amount of variety that Steve is able to achieve making maximum use of space is commendable. You will not get bored.

I will warn you, this is not a gym for people who are simply looking to check a box every week. You need to put in the effort and will be held accountable for your results. If you aren’t serious about getting in shape, this may not be for you. However, if you want results and are willing to work for them, look no further.

Andre L:

Steve has been a great trainer! I started with him in January of this past year and continue to go 3 days a week. I have lost around 20 pounds and six pants sizes. I have been unhealthy and not exercising properly for a number of years. He has really helped motivate me to reach my fitness goals. I haven’t felt or looked this good since high school.

Barbara F:

I Started training with Steve back about 6 months ago.  I have been a member at many gyms in my day but can honestly say this has been the best experience I have ever had at a gym.  Steve is a great trainer! He takes the time to know if anyone has injury’s or problems that need to be taken into consideration (bad back or knees etc) so they wont be injured further.  The workouts are challenging and change up daily so that your working different muscles constantly.  In the past months I have noticed how much better I feel and how much stronger I have become.  Steve always provides a positive atmosphere in the gym and encourages everyone  to do their best with out being over powering. I highly recommend SNF Fitness, Steve is the best trainer around!


I would highly recommend SNF Fitness to anyone regardless of their fitness level/ability. I was impressed with Steve from our first meeting where he really listened to what I wanted to get out of my training and where I wanted to be long term. When I first started at the gym I had very little experience with weight training or a gym in general aside from a few 5K’s and using the treadmill and elliptical. I will be the first to say it was definitely frustrating early on – I was sore from using muscles I didn’t even know I had and was questioning whether it was for me, but he helped me set short term goals so I could see progress. He also helped me see how important nutrition was to reaching those goals. Steve took the time to get to know me as a person, not just a client which I really liked. The sessions are extremely organized and are changed up every few weeks, which makes it less monotonous. I have been training with SNF Fitness for almost 6 months now and am not only seeing progress and reaching my goals, but I am also really enjoying it!

Michelle M:

SNF Fitness is a fantastic training facility. I have tried many gyms, boot camps, trainers, etc. over the years, but this place is awesome! Steve really knows his stuff inside and out. As MMR mentioned, I had muscles sore that I didn’t even know I had. I started to see a difference after a few sessions. The type of training Steve does is the best kind for your body to get in shape quickly, prevent injury and see the results that you want. They have great equipment and even though the space is small you can get a powerful, full-body workout! I have recommended SNF to quite a few friends and I will continue to do so.

Anonymous Google Review:

This is a great place to get in shape or maintain your gains. Steve is a motivational trainer and pushes you to meet your goals. I have been going to his studio since he opened and have meet so many of my goals. He designs programs that are just right for me and he pushes me through the tough times. I see the gym as part of my life now and not just a “dreaded place to go.” Thanks Steve!


I started training at with Steve about 7 months ago with no particular goal in mind other than to get in shape. As a nurse, I had let the past four years of my life consist of working many long hours and eating poorly, and I was starting to really notice the changes in my physical and mental health. I happen to find a flyer in my apartment building one day about SNF-Fitness and was immediately impressed with everything this little studio had to offer. While viewing the website, it immediately struck me how much thought, hard work, dedication, education, experience and perseverance Steve had put into this company. It was hard not to be drawn to this studio if for no other reason than to see what someone with so much discipline and insight into the training world had to offer. Since I was new to the area and to the idea of a trainer, I decided to do some research into other local facilities. After seeing what else was out there, it was a pretty easy choice as to which place offered the type of program I really wanted to pursue, and so my journey at SNF-Fitness began.

The first four weeks were probably the hardest I have ever worked in my life. It was by all definition of the word challenging and at times I wanted to quit, but Steve pushed and encouraged me every step of the way. He made a workout plan for me to do on my non-studio days that was realistic and easy to follow.  During my “lone” workouts, it would have been so easy to not push myself, but I could hear him in the back of mind encouraging me to go that extra little bit and “making every rep count”.  SNF-Fitness promotes education on making healthier meal choices and how much this affects your progress. This information really intrigued my existing interest into the dietary aspect of training, and with Steve’s help, I have been able to see faster, better results due to my dietary choices. Whenever I had a question while shopping I knew I could contact him at any time and get a quick response. After just 12 weeks of training, my coworkers started to notice the changes in my appearance and I began to get a lot of compliments on how good I looked. They all wanted to know what I was doing and was eating. My answers were pretty simple, I told them about Steve’s program for me and everything he had taught me up to that point, and encouraged them to start their own program at SNF-Fitness. The results were undeniable! It only fueled my desire to continue to work with Steve and see just how much more my body could change. Training gave me the confidence to run my first 5K in November. I have been a runner for years off and on, but had never done a race. With Steve’s advice and encouragement, I was proud to complete my first race. It was an amazing feeling knowing that just a couple months prior I would have never been able to do that.

Since then, I have continued to train with Steve three times a week, and have only seen my body get better and stronger. People ask me all the time where I work out at and what it’s like. I love sharing what his program has done for me and how he can do the same for them! It’s work and dedication, but Steve has the knowledge, skills, and genuine satisfaction of seeing people reach their physical goals, that you can’t help but catch his enthusiasm yourself. He has the insight and experience to develop a successful plan for anyone, regardless of age or ability. I have talked with many other trainees in and out of the studio and have heard their firsthand accounts of the successes they have had at SNF-Fitness to know. My own experience and theirs is what keeps me coming back every week. Steve continues to impress me with his ever changing program that works at helping me reach new goals and his never changing “Let’s Do It” attitude always inspires me to aim a bit higher each and every time.



A few of the many notes in various forms  I’ve received from Clients….this REALLY makes my day to receive these

Dear Steve,

Last fall I knew I needed to change my life and I knew it had to be something drastic. My concerns where not about fitting into clothes anymore, my concerns were now on my health.  I was getting scared.  But as much as I needed drastic measures, in my mind I was adamant that I would not resort to surgery.  I had to try to do it on my own, learning the right way to be healthy using both diet changes & exercise together.

One night I saw an article in the Milton Times about the fitness center you had recently opened.  The next day I went and knocked on the door.  It was the best move I had made for myself in a long time.

The first session I remember thinking how awkward I felt to be an overweight woman working out with this fit young guy!  And I knew right away I had to block those thoughts of discomfort and suck it up.  If I had let them get in the way, I wouldn’t be 20 lbs lighter today.  I decided that I had put on the weight slowly and it was going to come off slowly and by the second session, I felt very comfortable and felt like I was finally on my way to change.

After sessions, I didn’t ache. I had concerns addressed.  I could bounce thoughts off someone who listened and gave suggestions.  This is what worked for me. Quiet, individualized attention.

After a few weeks you had hired a new trainer Jose.  I began working with him and have found that he is a fantastic trainer.  He knows his business and he is a wealth of information.  He is careful about a person’s age and weaknesses and still making sure they get a good workout during each session.  You found a great addition to SNF in Jose.

SNF has given me a powerful tool.  Knowledge.  Knowledge about building muscle and eating the right foods to keep my body healthy.  I know I still have a ways to go and I’m okay with that.  The more I do something, the more likely it will become a habit…a good habit that is life enhancing.  I’ve spent money on many things in my life, but never spent it on something so rewarding, something that will help me for the rest of my life.  And I thank you and Jose for that.


Marie G

Hey Steve –

Sorry – this work thing is getting in the way of email catch-up and other important things!

Thanks for following up regarding the training – I really appreciate it!  I like
Jose a lot – I feel like I’m getting a good workout and he is working with my
and very much paying attention to my goals and working toward them.  He
also is working on future goals and strategies (like training for a little more
strength/muscle definition which I’m really on board for) and discussing a plan
for that.

He really is good about listening to me and pointing out when I don’t have correct
form.  My shoulder for the last couple of sessions has been wicked
bothering me and he really quickly narrowed down what the problem was (I’m
having a tough time with the pushing kinda motion on the right side).
When I attempt to do some push motions with my arms up (like a pushup on the
bar bell – when I bring my chest to the bar) the right shoulder isn’t
happy).   He was really good about diagnosing that and we’re giving
it a bit of a rest to recoup while working it in other directions.  (Sorry
so long winded – hard to explain.  Hence my delayed reply, I wanted to put
some thought into it!).

Survey says:  Jose is doing excellent.  Fun to work out with (the time goes
fast), challenging workouts and he knows his stuff!

Thanks again Steve for asking!


Hi Steve,
I know I already texted you the results, but I wanted to drop you a note to formally THANK you for getting me to this point. After putting on so much weight in my late 20s, I really wasn’t sure I would be able to get my ass in gear.  After our first session – even though I knew I was in good hands – I really wasn’t sure if I could ever get to a decent level of fitness.  The first few weeks of our training were brutal for me – both mentally and physically.  I was always sore, and I hated exercising.  I had more self-doubt than I let anyone know.  The runs at Wollaston beach were a harsh reality check.   I was not able to just bounce back into physical activity like I did when I was younger. I was so pissed at myself for being in such poor shape. 
Anyway – it has been about 6 months since I started training (even though I did take about a month off in January), and today was a testament to not only my ability to excel physically, but also to your talent as a trainer and coach.  It was only a few months ago when I couldn’t even run 2 minutes straight.  I couldn’t do a single push-up or leg lift.  Today, I passed an important test.  14 out of 40 recruits FAILED.  Although this wasn’t the most difficult test, I would not have passed it months ago.  I seriously owe it to the support and guidance that you have given me over the last six months.  I went into the test today with confidence.  Although you are definitely a hard ass at times, it is evident that you genuinely care about your clients – as well as the goals of your clients.  You also really know what you are doing.  Making me run up hills with medicine balls and jump over cement barriers not only helped me physically – it helped me mentally.  In addition to losing weight, over the last six months, I have developed confidence in my athletic ability.  Also, I actually like working out now and challenging myself.  Thanks again.
Anyway, I am glad the test is over – but this just means that I need to ramp it up for the academy. I still don’t know when it is – but I am guessing about a month or so. I need to keep losing weight and continue get my endurance up.  The test was just the beginning.  I would like to start Saturdays on April 2nd .  I should be able to do the 9th and 16th – but that could change. Either way, I will make sure I get a third session in.   I am keeping the Tuesday/Sunday session with Joanne because it seems to be working out well for me.  
Let me know what works for you for Saturday the 2nd.
Thanks again!

[Text exchanges w/ Jeana – an already VERY in shape Gal who came to me to Train, and Train HARD for the Tough Mudder!]

After we finished Training, before the race:

“To the best Trainer ever: thank you for all your hard work, support, and dedication to me & my tough mudder adventure! Cheers to lots of sweating, wimpering & laughing! XO, Cake 😉 “
me: “Awww…too sweet Cake 😉 “
“It’s true. Jeana + training with snf + tough mudder = winning! “
me: “Seems like a good calculation to me 😉 “
Post Race:
“Good morning Steve! I killed the tough mudder! Was tuff and so much freaking fun! 4 15ft walls were most challenging for me followed by cold freaking river that took my breath away! Running up and down mud fields was an absolute blast!!! 🙂 I didn’t cramp at all during the race, but a little sore now. FYI u trained me well! K done w/ my texting novel. Have a good one! 🙂 “


My whole life I have been what you would consider skinny…I am one of those people who can eat and eat and never get fat. While that often is seen as a positive, it is EXTREMELY hard for me to gain muscle weight as well. I weighed 140lbs my whole adult life…if overweight people can be ‘fad dieters’ I was definitely a ‘fad exerciser.’ I had been working out with gym trainers, I did P90X, I tried everything to gain some muscle weight to no avail. Almost all of these workouts promised this or that and none delivered results. I had even been told by a trainer at a gym that it was impossible to gain more than five pounds of muscle in a year.

I met with Steve in late June 2009 and worked with him to late September 2009. In those three months I didn’t work out any more than I was used to…I slightly tweaked my eating habits per his recommendation, did EXACTLY as he instructed both during our Sessions and on my “off days,” and at the end of my time with Steve I gained 10 solid pounds of muscle…no crazy expensive supplements or other questionable methods required, just hard work and dedication. So what did Steve do that no one else had done? I would love to say he had some crazy solution that will revolutionize fitness, but all he did was listen to my past issues, and designed a custom plan for me to gain weight and pushed me to reach my goals. That is it, that is why the gimmicks and the fad exercise plans do not work for everyone, because everyone’s body is different. If you want serious results you need a smart tenacious Trainer in your corner, you are not going to find it in a chain gym where they work for commission…all you are is another paycheck who has no idea that they are not really doing anything different with you that they do with all their clients. You are not going to find it pre-packaged fitness plans that are designed for the masses. You need Steve. If you have been waffling about the commitment or the cost then think about it this way….you can spend thousands (like I did) on gimmicks, or you can get serious and hire the solution to your problem…Steve at SNF Fitness.




I’m going to miss you! I really enjoyed and definitely benefitted from you excellent training! From a  size 10 to a size 6! I may even buy a bikini! (NOT)

Thanks again!


[A card I received from a Client who’s off to Graduate School and will no longer be Training with me  – by: Mona D]

Dear Steve,

Hey, just wanted to say thinks for all the time and effort spent on training me. You were great, and lots of fun. I love how you incorporated cardio and always did different things (never a dull moment!!) Best of luck to you in your business. I’ll miss you!


Mona D.

[A note from Scotty]

Steve provides an aggressive training program customized for the user’s fitness level and goals. I travel regularly and Steve was able to provide several additional programs which I was able to use to supplement our weekly to bi-weekly workouts. Steve also regularly changes up the workout program to continue to challenge me and turbo-charge results.

I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking to either get back in shape or reach the next level of their fitness goals.

[A note from Olivia]

I started training with Steve only a few weeks ago and already I see big improvements in my body but especially in my target areas. Not only am I noticing incredible results appearance-wise, I physically feel as though I’m in much better shape, as my body strength and endurance have increased. I am now able to do about twice as many push-ups, squats and lunges than I was able to do before training with SNF Fitness. When I sweat, I know it’s due to a good workout and when I leave Steve, I’m drenched! I have already recommended him to my close friends and family members and I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend him to a stranger. Thank you SNF Fitness!

[A note from Eileen, one of my first Clients! ]

Steve is awesome! I hired him to get me in shape for an upcoming vacation and he delivered. His workouts were tough (but not over the top), he pushed me when I needed it (also without being over the top), and I am so pleased with the results. Steve is professional and I would highly recommend him for anyone who is looking to loose weight or just tone up.