Semi-Private Personal Training 

Interested in working with a Personal Trainer and getting ALL that comes with it, for approximately 30% off our standard 1 on 1 Training rates? This option is our now formalized ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training hours. ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training gets you ALL that comes with a standard Personal Training package through SNF Fitness: a set number of IN Studio Training hours, guided OUT of Studio work for you to do on your own time, our 3-phase Nutritional guidance, as well as unlimited phone/email/text support throughout the week. The change is that multiple Clients are now sharing the time and knowledge of 1 Personal Trainer. This is NOT a Group based ‘class’ where everyone is doing the same work. It’s just as written, 1 Trainer is now covering multiple Clients at the same time, running their individual Program. It’s a win-win as SNF is now able to accommodate more Clients within one given hour, and each Client saves a substantial amount of money by utilizing shared time.


NOTE: ALL new Clients must do a minimum of 3 Solo Training hours before jumping into our Semi Private Model

1 on 1 Personal Training

The most traditional form of Personal Training – 1 Client & 1 Personal Trainer. 1 on 1 Training makes up over 35% of our business. We will write a custom Program for you, designed to work around your projected total gym days. This includes both your days IN Studio with us, as well as your solo work. This is the absolute BEST way to utilize an hour’s worth of your time to incorporate all 3 phases of a properly run workout. Our full Nutritional Program is included as well.


Couples/Buddy Training

Designed to allow actual couples, or close friends work together with one Personal Trainer, and save some money. We will design the same type of Program that you would follow in a 1 on 1 setting, while accommodating for two people. We do however recommend that anyone working in this setting be ‘fairly’ close from a fitness perspective. Our full Nutritional Program is included as well.

Private Group Training

Private Group Training has become one of our most successful ventures with the open style floor plan of the first level of our facility. Private Group Training is designed for Teams, a group of friends, co-workers, family members, etc. who all have a common goal, to get together and work out as one unit. Groups are NOT marketed to the open public, just those within your circle. Group size can be as little as 4, or as many as 8 people. You will still receive the same ‘backend’ offerings including guided solo days work and nutritional guidance, while paying a fraction of the cost because you are working in a larger group. All Sessions are directed by a Trainer (this is not to be considered a ‘bootcamp’). While there are various formats we follow for these workouts, an example can be found HERE, which is a group of Firefighters and Cops doing a ‘Rotational Round’ where we are alternating a Push exercise, Pull exercise, Core based exercise, Knee dominant exercise, and one with a HIIT component. Please contact us direct with questions about how to initially set one of these up, and to set up a complimentary workout for your group to try.

Boxing – Cardio Rips

This is an excellent, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout that incorporates Boxing style cardio work with plyometrics, agility work, jump rope, and more. We will do some actual bag & mitt work, while keeping the HIIT cardio component as our main focus. We run these workouts right off the clock using set intervals, whatever they may be for that workout/your capacity level. This is probably the absolute best way to burn the maximum amount of calories in the shortest amount of time. Our full Nutritional Program is included as well.

Boxing – Bag & Mitt Work

Similar to our Cardio Rips, but aiming the focus more on actual striking (punching, kicking, knees) combinations. These combos can be done on our bags, as well as actual mitts and body pads that our Trainers will wear. This is a good option for those looking for the exhaustion component of our Cardio Rips, while also learning some genuine striking combos. Our full Nutritional Program is included as well.

Strength Complexes

This is a great option for athletes, or anyone in general looking to genuinely build REAL STRENGTH as their primary focus. Our facility offers multiple Press & Pull areas, as well as an area set up for Cleans, Deads, Squats, etc. These workouts have a different feel to them because of the exclusive focus on big, compound lifts, as well as a different tempo with the work/rest periods. Our Trainers will design a solid Program that will incorporate very specific cycles with each phase. Our full Nutritional Program is included as well.

In-Home Personal Training

SNF Fitness will still be offering our In-Home/Mobile Personal Training package. You will receive the same as above, however WE will be coming on-site to YOUR gym space. Everything as read in our “1 on 1” section above is included, just with the added convenience of zero travel/prep time for you. *These spots will be available on a limited basis*


Nutrition is the key component in a solid, well rounded Program. You CAN NOT ‘out-train’ a bad diet. This Program includes a 1-2 week current Nutritional Analysis, which is then followed by Adaptation Phases, and Integration Phases. We will be happy to explain how these are done in detail as they may be different for each Client