‘FALL’ Back Into Your Routine w/ a New Training Program at SNF Fitness!

UPDATE for mid-September….

Fall Special recently posted to our Facebook Page…Eligible to all!

SNF Fitness – 1 on 1 and Semi Private Personal Training located at 261 Willard St in Quincy!

Our Training Programs are designed specifically for YOU. We focus on Barbell, Dumbbell, Body-weight, Suspension, Kettlebell, and unique Core-specific Training methods that are tailored to accommodate anyone. Our Client base ranges from 17 through 88 years young!

When large gyms become intimidating, group classes get too big, and cookie cutter workouts or videos just don’t seem to work, there’s 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training at SNF Fitness. With 1 on 1 Training being the purest form of direct Training, and Semi Private Groups maxing out at 4 participants, everyone receives the attention they need.

Contact us NOW and mention/print this post to receive a full 15% OFF your first month or first package with us!


Our NEW post Labor Day Training Programs and Rate Plan options are just about to go LIVE here at SNF Fitness! During our slower weeks in July and August, we have been trying out new and exciting Training routines and methods on some of our existing and new Clientele with excellent results! On top of that we’ve added some new Equipment that’s just been purchased, changed part of our facility lay out, and will be increasing the total number of Semi Private Training hours each week. Come join some of our long term Trainee’s who continue to become better versions of themselves each and every month, or catch the success wave that some of our newbies have been experiencing….. 



Please see our RATES page that’s recently been updated to pick the best plan that suits you and your needs. On our ‘membership style’ billing plan, you can get Training rates as low as $30/Session! Call now!