Semi Private Training at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio – Updated for June 2014


Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour!

Call NOW to reserve your scheduled time blocks!

**Please note that this Calendar represents our CURRENT Semi Private Training schedule, EFFECTIVE FOR JUNE 2014. We are more than happy to add additional hours when we have consistent ‘sign-ups’ in a particular slot, or pair people up for ‘On the Fly’ or ‘Buddy Session’ times when possible (we do this quite often between 9am and 1230pm). Inquire direct for more information regarding that option. Also, please note that the Wednesday 730am AND 730pm are ‘plus 1’ only, meaning that we may or may not have room for just 1 Client to add in during those particular hours on a week by week basis. For the most part, all other hours have at least 1 consistent space as it sits right now.**