‘SNF 30-Day Clean&Dry Summer Detox’ at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio

A note to all our Clients, and any and all that follow us…..

Our ‘SNF 30-Day Clean&Dry Summer Detox’ starts today 9/2/14 and runs for the next 30 days until October 1st at 9am. Let’s be honest for a moment, we have ALL had a very sloppy Summer (in all 3 facets of ‘our’ health/wellness) as a result of a shitty Winter. We’ve all got a little lazy, and let a lot of things slide. September is the perfect month for this. I’m challenging you all, as well as myself (this idea was originally penned ‘by me for me’), to focus on the following bullet points below. Please note that these are MY PERSONAL points I’m looking to cover, and you may add things in for yourselves individually as needed. Please also note that these are NOT the ONLY points you need to cover for a clean and healthy lifestyle. These just happen to be the ones I picked for MYSELF that I’ve struggled to maintain genuine consistency with over the last 3 months, as well as points I’d like to pick back up in general as it aides in an overall healthy lifestyle. Try this for at least 30 days, you may be surprised what sticks….

*NO Alcohol (yes, that’s what I said. Man up on this. Pregnant women do this for 9 FRIGGEN MONTHS!)
*NO ‘stupid’ breads (Bagels/English Muffins, Sub Bread, table Bread, etc)
*Fish for Diner 3-4x per week (2 fatty 2 light)
*2 Meal Replacement Shakes per day (out of 5 meals)
*Minimum 2 Servings of REAL Fruit per day (fruit you actually chew)
*Only 1 real cheat meal per week (Yum)
*Take ALL essential/necessary Supplements (Multi, Fish Oil, Greens, D, etc.)
*Take sleeping aid 1 hour earlier at 9pm (I take a Melatonin based product)
*Lifting Style: Deads, Press Variations, Back Squats, Hill Sprints, Mountain Biking (K-I-S-S)
*Do NOT missed planned Training Sessions (Put them on the Calendar, and keep them)

I’ll be happy to explain any and all of these points to you in greater detail should you have any questions. Again, these are MY points I’m looking to cover for the month, but in all honesty the majority of these are what we should all be doing anyways. Let’s enter September hard and get back on the trolley. Remember, I hope you’re not paying me for maintenance, it should be for PROGRESS. Again, try this for at least 30 days, you may be surprised what sticks….