NEW Round of Group Rip Starting Tuesday, 10/1 at SNF Fitness

‘Group Rip’ is back and we’re planning to make it better than ever. Since we suspended the Program at the beginning of the Summer, there has been lots of new toys added to the Gym, and we’ll be flipping them into the mix each week. The cost is $89/mo for up to 12-13 hours of workouts led by our Lead Personal Trainer. This is the best option within my facility, that is suitable for intermediates, who are not ready for 1 on 1 or Semi Private Personal Training. This continues to be the most affordable way to Train at SNF Fitness, with accountability, direction, and education as a monthly focus.


General Description: ‘Group Rip’ workouts are FULL BODY focused Training each and every time in. We utilize Bodyweight Training methods, Kettlebells, Dumbbells, various Bands, and a variety of Suspension based apparatus (TRX, Blast Straps, Jungle Gym XTs). We’ll also flip in Battling Ropes, Tires, Sleds, Sledgehammers & more when class size allows. Plan for a combination of proper load bearing exercises (consider our 3 & 5 lb. Dumbbells primarily as decorations), and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style work. Each and every workout will be different, as we do NOT use preset cookie cutter workouts each and every week. We design the Sessions around total participants to fully maximize the space and the time.


Cost & Times: $89/mo membership due on the 2nd of every month. Sessions run every Tuesday at 7pm, Thursday at 7pm, and Saturday at 9am.


(NOTE: We offer ONE-TIME drop-ins at $15. After that, you must purchase a full month membership to receive the discounted package rate. Membership can be pro-rated upon signing up)



SNF Fitness is happy to be supporting the McCourt Foundation in early October by participating in the ‘Tour de South Shore’, which raises money to support research for Alzheimer’s and MS.  We have formed a Team called ‘Team SNF Fitness’ which is captained by myself and West. We have a goal of raising $1000 as a team to help support this cause. We will be participating in the 25 mile course on Saturday, October 5th. All of my Clients, or anyone in general connected to my network is invited to ride with us in support of this cause. If you can’t ride, I’d kindly ask for a suggested donation of a “crisp $20 bill” (or more!!) to help us inch towards our $1000 goal. This donation can be done via our TEAM PAGE or by dropping some cash in a mason jar that I will be keeping at the Studio. Details and pertinent links on the event can be found below. Thank you VERY MUCH in advance!



EVENT DATE: Oct 05, 2013

This is a 25-mile and 50-mile fundraising bike ride that will start and finish at Wompatuck State Park and travel through the towns of Hingham, Cohasset, Scituate and Norwell. This is not a race, but rather a great way to support much needed research for Alzheimer’s and Multiple Sclerosis. Rain or Shine.


Each rider that raises $395 will earn an official Tour de South Shore T-Shirt. If you raise over $1,000 you will earn a Tour de South Shore Bike Jersey! No fundraising minimum is required. 

Course Information          Ride Day Information           Pledge Sheet

Photos                             Awards

Join us at the After Party at Howl at the Moon in Boston! No lines and no cover from 6-8 PM (no cover until 9 PM).

Interested in volunteering? Please visit the link below and fillout the form.

Volunteer Information


Don’t have a bike? Our friends at Urban Adventures offer rentals! For more information call 617-670-0637.

Formal Transition Into Semi-Private Training Model – START – 7/31/13


Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour!

Call NOW to reserve your scheduled time blocks!



A note from Steve, Founder/Owner/Head Trainer:

We are just about to hit our 2-year ‘anniversary’ here with open doors at 261 Willard, and SNF Fitness is happy to announce the formal transition into the Semi-Private Training model for our entire Studio. 1 on 1 individual Training is still certainly an option for those that need it, but on a limited basis. We’ve integrated approximately 10-12 individual Semi-Private Training hours into the facility over the last few months, with a combination of long standing and brand new Clients. This has been a complete success thus far. Clients are able to get nearly the exact same product that we originally built our business on, now at a reduced rate. We in turn, are able to accommodate more Clients within a given hour, increasing our reach to those that need it. PLEASE remember that Semi-Private Training is NOT ‘Group’ based Training where all participants are doing the exact same workout. This is still, as it’s always been at SNF Fitness, INDIVIDUALIZED Training. Group Training is great for those that can fit in to it, and there are many popular Programs out there. This is not what that is. There’s a large number of Clients out there that have unique needs, some injuries, various deficiencies in one area over others, time constraints, etc. etc. Our Semi-Private Training helps accommodate those people. As it stands for today, 7/31/13, we have a set but not ‘public’ calendar that can be posted. As new Clients come in, we have been alerting them of open Semi-Private hours that start as early as 4pm and as late as 8pm throughout the week. However, by 8/15/13, we plan to be posting a freshly updated calendar that will include up to 25 available hours throughout the week. It’s always been my goal to be able to get my Clients INDIVIDUALIZED Training Programs at a more affordable price, while still being able to ‘run a business.’ This model allows me to do just that.




**From our original post regarding the integration of this Program:


Personal Training at equivalent of $45/Session – ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training Hours at SNF Fitness

Interested in working with a Personal Trainer and getting ALL that comes with it, for approximately 40% OFF our standard 1 on 1 Training rates? This option is our now formalized ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training hours. ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training gets you ALL that comes with a standard Personal Training package through SNF Fitness: a set number of IN Studio Training hours, guided OUT of Studio work for you to do on your own time, our 3-phase Nutritional guidance, as well as unlimited phone/email/text support throughout the week. The change is that multiple Clients are now sharing the time and knowledge of 1 Personal Trainer. This is NOT a Group based ‘class’ where everyone is doing the same work. It’s just as written, 1 Trainer is now covering multiple Clients at the same time, running their individual Program. It’s a win-win as SNF is now able to accommodate more Clients within one given hour, and each Client saves a substantial amount of money by utilizing shared time.