Personal Recipe of Mine – POWER BREAKFAST




Here’s a recipe for a good “Power Breakfast” to start your morning right. Good taste, good calories, and a good mix of proteins and carbohydrates. I personally eat this each and every morning when I can and notice a HUGE difference in energy/appetite/etc. throughout the morning if I skip this meal…


6 Egg Whites – 180cal/36g Protein/6g Carb

3 Slices Turkey Bacon – 60cal/9g Protein/0g Carb

2 Slices Light Wheat Toast – 70cal/4g Protein/17carb

1 Medium Apple – 95cal/0g Protein/25g Carb

(2 tsp Reduced Fat Grated Parmesan Cheese)


Totals (w/ the parm cheese): 425 Calories / 50 grams Protein / 50 grams Carbs


Notes: Try and buy 100% Liquid Egg Whites(same good taste and you’ll get a FULL serving of egg white w/ each ¼ Cup). Buy Jennie-O 95% Fat Free Turkey Bacon(it’s one of the lowest sodium turkey bacon options and has great taste). Aim for LIGHT Wheat Toast as it has a big caloric/carb difference than regular. For the flavorings, I use Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasonings, and I top the egg whites off with 2 tsp of the Reduced Fat Parm Cheese which yields only 20 cal, and 1g of fat as opposed to large amount of Cal/Fat you’ll get w/ regular cheese. Also, since this is essentially a zero-fat breakfast, you may want to pop an Omega-3, Fish-Oil, etc

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