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Nike Raised Pushup Bars…
(Key “Nike Pushup Bars” into Google for A LOT of options of where to buy)
These Pushup Bars are something I’ve kept in my home for a while now. They’re light, sturdy, come apart for travel, and are elevated slightly more than some other brands allowing for a fuller range of motion. Below is a quick workout I’ll do if I’m pressed for time in my day. Note that I change my hand position with each set so that I hit different angles on my chest and arms…

Total Reps: 75 / Sets: 5 / Rest Period: 20-30 seconds
Set 1 – 15 reps with hands at standard grip – –
Set 2 – 15 reps with hands at 45 degree grip / \
Set 3 – 15 reps with hands at neutral grip | |
Set 4 – 15 reps with hands at underhand grip \ /
Set 5 – 15 reps with hand back to standard grip – –

Do each set slow and controlled, you’re not looking for fast-faced reps on these bars

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