*** UPDATE for 12/31/14 – Offer EXTENDED through the 1st full week of January. Still live until January 9th. Call now as we’re filling up very quickly for the start of the new year!! Semi Private Personal Training at SNF Fitness!  ***


Our 2014 SNF Fitness Holiday Gift Card promotion is now live!  Starting today, 12/9, and running though Xmas eve night, 12/24, SNF Gift Cards may be purchased at a FULL 15% SAVINGS OFF of our current Personal Training fees for both our 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training plans. These cards can be purchased in quantities as little as 1, or as much as 5 (a FULL month on our most currently utilized packaged plan).

We’re fully aware of the cliché ‘Give the Gift of Health’ one-liner, but it’s completely true. This is an excellent way to introduce someone to ALL facets of a properly planned Exercise/Health/Wellness Program as we run it at SNF Fitness. Even a single Gift Card can give someone 2-3 solid hours of insight into a world they may know little about, or some motivation to re-enter. Last year we ran essentially the same holiday promotion, and 3 Clients that took advantage off this opportunity are STILL Training with us as of today, making progress each and every month since and thoroughly enjoying their new lifestyle change. 

Gift Cards are a hard plastic credit card style card, and come with an envelope and message card. Message STEVE direct with any and all questions or to purchase.

*This promotion is for new or returning customers only. Restrictions may apply.


Gift Cards 2012



Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour *!

Call NOW to reserve your scheduled time blocks!

**Please note that this Calendar represents our CURRENT Semi Private Training schedule, EFFECTIVE FOR DECEMBER 2014. We are more than happy to add additional hours when we have consistent ‘sign-ups’ in a particular slot, or pair people up for ‘On the Fly’ or ‘Buddy Session’ times when possible (we do this quite often between 9am and 1230pm). Inquire direct for more information regarding that option. For the most part, all other hours have at least 1 consistent space available as it sits right now. Please read notations 1 &2 to the right please.

ALL NEW CLIENTS must do a minimum of 2 1 on 1 Training Sessions with either Steve or Mike prior to enrolling in Semi Private Training on a full time basis.**



* Denotes Semi Private pricing ONLY. Traditional 1 on 1 Personal Training rates run at approximately $65-$70 per  Session

‘SNF 30-Day Clean&Dry Summer Detox’ at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio

A note to all our Clients, and any and all that follow us…..

Our ‘SNF 30-Day Clean&Dry Summer Detox’ starts today 9/2/14 and runs for the next 30 days until October 1st at 9am. Let’s be honest for a moment, we have ALL had a very sloppy Summer (in all 3 facets of ‘our’ health/wellness) as a result of a shitty Winter. We’ve all got a little lazy, and let a lot of things slide. September is the perfect month for this. I’m challenging you all, as well as myself (this idea was originally penned ‘by me for me’), to focus on the following bullet points below. Please note that these are MY PERSONAL points I’m looking to cover, and you may add things in for yourselves individually as needed. Please also note that these are NOT the ONLY points you need to cover for a clean and healthy lifestyle. These just happen to be the ones I picked for MYSELF that I’ve struggled to maintain genuine consistency with over the last 3 months, as well as points I’d like to pick back up in general as it aides in an overall healthy lifestyle. Try this for at least 30 days, you may be surprised what sticks….

*NO Alcohol (yes, that’s what I said. Man up on this. Pregnant women do this for 9 FRIGGEN MONTHS!)
*NO ‘stupid’ breads (Bagels/English Muffins, Sub Bread, table Bread, etc)
*Fish for Diner 3-4x per week (2 fatty 2 light)
*2 Meal Replacement Shakes per day (out of 5 meals)
*Minimum 2 Servings of REAL Fruit per day (fruit you actually chew)
*Only 1 real cheat meal per week (Yum)
*Take ALL essential/necessary Supplements (Multi, Fish Oil, Greens, D, etc.)
*Take sleeping aid 1 hour earlier at 9pm (I take a Melatonin based product)
*Lifting Style: Deads, Press Variations, Back Squats, Hill Sprints, Mountain Biking (K-I-S-S)
*Do NOT missed planned Training Sessions (Put them on the Calendar, and keep them)

I’ll be happy to explain any and all of these points to you in greater detail should you have any questions. Again, these are MY points I’m looking to cover for the month, but in all honesty the majority of these are what we should all be doing anyways. Let’s enter September hard and get back on the trolley. Remember, I hope you’re not paying me for maintenance, it should be for PROGRESS. Again, try this for at least 30 days, you may be surprised what sticks….

SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio, Now 3 Years Old!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio!

This past Friday the 22nd marked our 3 year anniversary here at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio. Thank you very much if you are a past, current, or possibly future Client reading this. The SNF brand has been alive and well for over 5 years now, but we’ve now hit the 3 year mark here at our 1st physical location that was founded and built by both myself, and a former Client of mine turned Business Partner. We, and especially me, have learned a lot in the last 3 years making great decision after great decision, as well as bad decision after horrible decision and so on. I know this sounds odd (but genuine Biz owners who have built their brand from the ground up will agree), but it’s the bad decisions and mistakes that have allowed us to correct, grow, and get better. Without those mistakes, we may be doing good, but we’d be stuck in mediocrity each and every year. Our growth over the last year is far from that. 

I stated 1 year ago from today, and then again in subsequent posts, that my goal for the year was to continue to 
transform our facility into more of a Semi Private option vs. strict 1 on 1 Training and we’ve done just that. Currently, between 70-72% of our usable hours are run as either scheduled or on the fly Semi Private Training. We also set a precedent with all new Clients to have a goal of transitioning them into, at minimum, Buddy Training at the 4 week mark. We meet this goal often, and it allows our customers to obtain all the front end and back end work that comes with individualized Training/Programming, at a cost reduction of approximately 40% off 1 on 1 Training. We will be continuing this model indefinitely, with plans to move to a ‘Semi Private – 2 Trainer System’ in the future (more on that later). 

Goals for the upcoming year are simple. We will continue to grow and expand our Semi Private model until we reach our goal, work to streamline our Nutrition planning, and I personally would like to formalize my Business Consulting work which has been a pending idea of mine for the last year (more on that later as well). AGAIN, I would like to thank all past, current, or FUTURE! Clients of ours because no matter how good of an idea, product, service you have, if you can’t consistently get people to buy it, it’s garbage. 



Summer Special at SNF Fitness – ‘Buy 4 Get 1’ – 20% OFF Savings!

Greetings from the Team at SNF Fitness! See notes on our new ‘Summer Special’ which runs through Monday June 30th at 4pm!

Our ‘Summer Special’ starts at 4pm today, June 23rd, and runs for a week through 4pm on Monday June 30th. Similar to 
specials in the past, this one will again require a 2 month commitment up front. This will effectively take care of 
and cover the Summer with us! This time through, we’re running a ‘Buy 4 get 1’ offer where for every 4 Session Blocks 
you purchase, the next 1 is on the house. This will of course result in a 20% OFF savings to you over the next 2 months. 
For those that do mixed Training with us (IE, some 1 on 1’s and Semi Private’s), message me individually as I’ll be 
introducing you to a ‘Training Bank’ billing concept that I’ve been informally running with a small group of Clients for the last 
few months. All monies must be received by 4pm on the 30th either in person or online for this Special to be put through!



Semi Private Training at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio – Updated for June 2014


Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour!

Call NOW to reserve your scheduled time blocks!

**Please note that this Calendar represents our CURRENT Semi Private Training schedule, EFFECTIVE FOR JUNE 2014. We are more than happy to add additional hours when we have consistent ‘sign-ups’ in a particular slot, or pair people up for ‘On the Fly’ or ‘Buddy Session’ times when possible (we do this quite often between 9am and 1230pm). Inquire direct for more information regarding that option. Also, please note that the Wednesday 730am AND 730pm are ‘plus 1’ only, meaning that we may or may not have room for just 1 Client to add in during those particular hours on a week by week basis. For the most part, all other hours have at least 1 consistent space as it sits right now.**



5 Years of ‘SNF Fitness’ & Our ‘End of Quarter’ Promotion to Celebrate

5 Years of ‘SNF Fitness’ & End of Month Promotion!

Today marks the official 5 year ‘anniversary date’ of my very first 2 Clients I obtained through marketing, operating as ‘SNF Fitness.’ Though I had been training, guiding, and been the first resource to most within my circles since I was basically 19, it was in late 08/early 09 that I took some time to plan out how to make a living out of this full time. I conducted my first 2 Sessions on March 24th, 2009, travelling up to Charlestown for a 545am start in 37 degree weather on a basketball court with Elaine, and a late afternoon start with Dmitri that had me dragging my gear bag through a wet field to our training spot, and then getting caught in rush hour traffic on the way home making the return commute up to 50 minutes at times. Both Clients had me at a rate, for in-home, under what we charge now for our Semi Private program. Crazy to think where you have to start to get your name out there!

To celebrate the 5 year mark, we’re offering an end of month ‘Buy into 2, get 5’ promotion starting today and ending at 3pm on Friday. For all Clients, current and new, that would like to buy into their next 2 months of Training Blocks up front, you’ll be given an extra 5 FREE hours of Training Blocks (1 for each year!) as a bonus. For those on 2x per week plans, that’s 21 Training Blocks for the price of 16, or for our 3x per week crowd that’s 29 Training Blocks for the price of 24. Regardless if you’re enrolled in our 1 on 1 or Semi Private Training options, that’s approximately a 20% OFF savings to you, similar to our Xmas week promotion that most took advantage of. Please message or see Steve direct for questions/to buy, and THANK YOU again for being our customer!



1 on 1 & Semi Private Personal Training at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio


Personal Training at ‘$45/Session’ – 1 Hour!

Call NOW to reserve your scheduled time blocks!


UPDATED for 2/25/14 – Please see both the Calendar below as well as the notes. As a reminder, 1 on 1 Training is available full time Monday through Friday, with a half day on Saturday. We are closed to the public on Sunday. Our Private Group Training option is available with the same availability hours Monday through Saturday.

**Please note that this Calendar represents our CURRENT Semi Private Training schedule. We are more than happy to add additional hours when we have consistent ‘sign-ups’ in a particular slot, or pair people up for ‘One the Fly’ or ‘Buddy Session’ times when possible. Inquire direct for more information regarding that option.**



MOM’s For January at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio

We’ll be taking this opportunity to introduce our new MOM’s Program here at SNF Fitness. MOM’s here at SNF are our Members of the Month at the gym.  I’ll be selecting 1 or possibly 2 Clients each month that have absolutely CRUSHED it in here, attended all planned Training Sessions the previous month, made physical progress as it relates to performance, and have seen scale or inch progress in some manner or another. Ironically, we’re starting the Program’s initial launch with 3 MOM’s that all deserve to be recognized.

#1 – MATT W: Matty Ice had one of the best all around January’s I can think of. Extra motivation came in the form of a ‘weight loss challenge’ at work, that helped push him to lose approximately 15-18 pounds in the last calendar month. All SNF workouts were attended and crushed, his off-day SNF workouts were completed, extra workouts were added in via various classes in town, and his Nutrition (INCLUDING BOOZE CONSUMPTIONS – Yes, that counts people), was dialed in 100%. Congrats to Matty Ice.

#2 – EMMA C: Msssss. Callahan walked into my 530p Semi Private hour yesterday and made what was a long and tiring day into nothing but smiles for me after announcing she was down 8 pounds this month, and stated “…and now I have sexy arms and jacked quads…” (while FLEXING, or course!). Progress was made via attending and crushing all planned SNF workouts, adding in Spin classes, and (from what I can tell from her Instagram account) cooking nothing but healthy dinners. Training Sessions have not been easy for her either as she’s been dealing with a couple of legitimate injuries, that have caused her to miss ZERO Training days. She instead, just gets $hit done. The ‘less excuses, more reps’ mindset has been working. Congrats to Ms. Callahan.

#3 – KRISTIN K: Kenny comes in with our ‘honorable mention’ this month as her progress is a bit of  Dec/Jan combo. Kenny hit her first workout with us on  Nov 20th, and since then, and with a 2 week gap in the middle for personal/work trips, has still managed to destroy 20 pounds of unwanted weight off her body. The weight is coming off, clothes are fitting better, and progress in Training Sessions has been there each and every week. Congrats to Kenny.

**For everyone that may know either of these 3, wish them a CONGRATS next time you see them. AND, for all those that Train here with us, FOLLOW THEIR LEAD and crush the next month with us. GET IT DONE.