SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio, Now 3 Years Old!

Happy 3 Year Anniversary at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio!

This past Friday the 22nd marked our 3 year anniversary here at SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio. Thank you very much if you are a past, current, or possibly future Client reading this. The SNF brand has been alive and well for over 5 years now, but we’ve now hit the 3 year mark here at our 1st physical location that was founded and built by both myself, and a former Client of mine turned Business Partner. We, and especially me, have learned a lot in the last 3 years making great decision after great decision, as well as bad decision after horrible decision and so on. I know this sounds odd (but genuine Biz owners who have built their brand from the ground up will agree), but it’s the bad decisions and mistakes that have allowed us to correct, grow, and get better. Without those mistakes, we may be doing good, but we’d be stuck in mediocrity each and every year. Our growth over the last year is far from that. 

I stated 1 year ago from today, and then again in subsequent posts, that my goal for the year was to continue to 
transform our facility into more of a Semi Private option vs. strict 1 on 1 Training and we’ve done just that. Currently, between 70-72% of our usable hours are run as either scheduled or on the fly Semi Private Training. We also set a precedent with all new Clients to have a goal of transitioning them into, at minimum, Buddy Training at the 4 week mark. We meet this goal often, and it allows our customers to obtain all the front end and back end work that comes with individualized Training/Programming, at a cost reduction of approximately 40% off 1 on 1 Training. We will be continuing this model indefinitely, with plans to move to a ‘Semi Private – 2 Trainer System’ in the future (more on that later). 

Goals for the upcoming year are simple. We will continue to grow and expand our Semi Private model until we reach our goal, work to streamline our Nutrition planning, and I personally would like to formalize my Business Consulting work which has been a pending idea of mine for the last year (more on that later as well). AGAIN, I would like to thank all past, current, or FUTURE! Clients of ours because no matter how good of an idea, product, service you have, if you can’t consistently get people to buy it, it’s garbage. 



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