FINAL BUILD PICS!! SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio


We’re proud to announce that after a 6 Week build out process, and our first full month in business, we have completed the initial build of our new Studio here on Willard Street! Below you can find a partial list of equipment that can be utilized within our walls, and a link to our growing FACEBOOK FAN PAGE with pics & descriptions of our final product. Don’t forget to “Like” the page, and then “Share” it with like-minded friends!!

FINAL BUILD PICS!!  SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio


Some of what you’ll find in our Studio:
Dumbbells up to 90lbs 
Multiple Benches & Crossfit racks
Squat Racks
Cleans Station
Strongman Logs
Functional Cable Trainer
Glute/Ham Bench
Pull Up Bars & Assisted Station
TRX Suspension Trainers
TRX RIP Trainers
Jungle Gym Suspension Trainers
Gymnastics Rings
Climbing Ropes
Battling Ropes
Medicine Balls
Kettle Bells
Punching/Heavy Bags
Power Wheels
Versus Systems
Plyometric Boxes and Steps
Bosu Domes 
Cardio Equipment  – Treadmill & Spin style Bikes
Inversion Table – an EXCELLENT post-workout option
& a lot more Functional Gear…

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