If you look to the bottom right of my page, below the last few links, you will notice 2 new logos to my site.

The first is a hyperlink to “Perform Better,” of which I am an Affiliate Vendor. Perform Better is an EXCELLENT company who’s products include: Balance & Stabilization Equipment, Band & Tubing Equipment, Body Weight Equipment, Books & Videos, Dumbbell Equipment, Medicine Ball Equipment, Plyometric Equipment, Rubber Flooring, Speed/Agility Equipment, Testing Equipment, Training, Rehab, & Recovery Equipment, & Weight Training Equipment.

For those that have Trained with me, you’ll notice their logo on a lot of the equipment that I use. I have been purchasing from them for nearly a year now and have been pleased with their product quality, customer support, pricing, and shipping. If anyone is looking to purchase a few pieces of equipment for in-home use, I am here to provide you with support and guidance so that you can make an informed decision, and get the best available equipment for your dollar. Please email or call me with any questions related to products you may be interested in.


The second is a hyperlink to my personal “Beachbody Coach” page. As a Beachbody Coach, I am here to provide expertise and guidance, as a Certified Fitness Trainer, for anyone looking to purchase in-home products to supplement or kick-start their Training regimen. Beachbody backs and endorses some of the most well known and well RESPECTED in-home products(see below) on the market today. I’ve constantly recommended some of these options to Clients of mine that are looking for intense workouts on days they are not Training with me. I also recommend and provide purchasing guidance to those that may not be able to afford full 1 on 1 Personal Training. For anyone interested in looking into these products, contact me for a free assessment and recommendation and click on the hyperlink to visit my personalized Beachbody Coach page.

“Beachbody® has created some of the most popular in-home video fitness and weight-loss solutions in history: P90X®, Hip Hop Abs®, Kathy Smith’s: Project YOU™, Yoga Booty Ballet®, Slim in 6®, Power 90® and Turbo Jam®. We have also created a line of superior nutritional supplements and fitness accessories to help you maximize the healthy results from every workout.”

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