Our SNF Fitness ‘Holiday Food Challenge’ is now COMPLETE, with a 535 item donation going to QCAP here in Quincy!

** NOTE, 12/27: See a great little article that the Ledger ran on us in their 12/24 edition HERE **


A quick note from Steve….Tuesday morning, 1045am 12/23…..


I don’t often use the phrase, “I’m tickled pink”…but when I do, it’s for something like this. Mike and I are on our way to drop off ALL of these food items to QCAP here in Quincy in just a moment. I have to say I’m ridiculously impressed with the amount we were able to produce out of such a small gym and small network. I originally penned this idea hoping for 200 items. After we decided to start us off with 100 on behalf of the Gym, that immediately bumped to a lofty goal of 300. After pinging all my Clients, sending out an email blast to a couple small groups I’m in, and utilizing a few social media posts, I’m happy to report I’m in the process of stocking my truck with just shy of 550 ITEMS! This is great and we appreciate all those that participated in our ‘Challenge’ here at SNF Fitness. This story and our efforts were picked up by the Patriot Ledger just yesterday, so keep an eye out in an upcoming issue of the paper for more info on this! Thanks again….






From our original internal challenge….



It’s another time of year again in here, time to give a little back to those less fortunate than us. This year I’ve partnered 
the Gym with QCAP – Quincy Community Action Programs, supporting their emergency food shelter. As most have seen 
over the last few days to a week, I’ve completely cleaned out the shelving area above the floor cutout on the 2nd floor. 
You’ve probably noticed some literature up there regarding this as well. For the next 21 days, this will be our in-house 
DONATION STATION. This is certainly an area of need right now for these folks. I think we sometime take for granted the 
fancy foods I suggest…. fresh this, farmed that, all natural this, and so on. Some people can’t even afford a can of soup. 

I’d like to challenge all of those that train with us, to help support this cause with the following ‘suggested donation’: 1 
item/piece per Training visit to us between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means if you’re planning to hit say 10 
workouts with us during that time period, you’d ‘owe’ 10 items from the list below. ANY donation at all is of course 
accepted and appreciated, but I figured this would put a nice little twist on it. You can either donate all your items up front, 
or bring a donation piece with you each time you come in to sweat with us. I have a planned delivery to them on Monday 
the 22nd, and I’d love to need to solicit the help of our strongest bulls here to help me carry all of our donation items 
downstairs into my truck. 

My Business Partner and I have agreed to start us off strong with 100 pieces on behalf of our Team here at SNF Fitness, 
and I’m hoping we’ll be able to at least triple that up. Thank you in advance.


*Peanut Butter
*Baby Formula
*Can of Soup
*Tuna packed in Water
*Pasta Sauce
*Box of Cereal
*Bag of Rice

WEBSITE: www.qcap.org


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