Personal Training at equivalent of $40/Session!! – ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training Hours at SNF Fitness


NEW formalized Service offering from SNF Fitness!

Personal Training at equivalent of $40/Session – ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training Hours at SNF Fitness

Interested in working with a Personal Trainer and getting ALL that comes with it, for approximately 42% OFF our standard 1 on 1 Training rates? This option is our now formalized ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training hours. ‘Semi-Private’ Personal Training gets you ALL that comes with a standard Personal Training package through SNF Fitness: a set number of IN Studio Training hours, guided OUT of Studio work for you to do on your own time, our 3-phase Nutritional guidance, as well as unlimited phone/email/text support throughout the week. The change is that multiple Clients are now sharing the time and knowledge of 1 Personal Trainer. This is NOT a Group based ‘class’ where everyone is doing the same work. It’s just as written, 1 Trainer is now covering multiple Clients at the same time, running their individual Program. It’s a win-win as SNF is now able to accommodate more Clients within one given hour, and each Client saves a substantial amount of money by utilizing shared time.


Who this is for: In brief, this is for Clients that have now established enough of a baseline that they are at the stage where they may only need to be monitored/corrected on 30% of their given reps in a set, while comfortably doing 70% on their own correctly. At the beginning, most are the complete opposite at 80/20, 90/10, or worse. This is also for those that have no ‘severe’ injuries that require 100% attention throughout an exercise hour.


Who this is not for: Essentially the exact opposite of above. For those with serious injury concerns, balance issues, and gross imbalances that need direct attention. Also, for the majority of new Clients coming in, proper baseline work needs to be done within a handful of individual 1 on 1 Sessions to be able to properly design a Program (I can explain this further in detail).


How it works right now: In the future, the majority of all our new or existing Clients will be eligible to enroll in ‘Semi-Private’ Training, with a cap on how many can work within 1 given hour. As of NOW, we are guinea pigging this offering at the 4pm slot on Monday/Wednesday/Friday ONLY right now. This slot currently belongs to my longest standing Client, who will be transferring into this Program. As of today, 2/12/13, I have 3 more available slots for this Program. It will be first come first serve, providing you meet the criteria, and of course can commit to those given times.


**NOTE: If you are interested in this Program, but do not fit into this limited time, come in and Consult with us as well. We are looking to add in more time slots in the very near future. The more we have with initial interest, the faster we can make that happen**


Email Steve direct w/ any questions, or to sign up. Let’s get Training!

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