Dear Deal Hunters…

SNF Fitness is happy to announce our new ‘Black Friday’ & beyond special here at the Studio. To get yourself, a relative, a friend, or whomever started on a fitness journey with us, from NOW until Saturday, Dec 1st, we are taking that evil little ‘4’ on our Gift Cards, and turning it into a ‘0’ for the next week. That’s a bit over 30% savings on your total Services and Programming fees with us. Just as the image shows, we are limiting this deal to 3 total Gift Cards per customer ($300 bucks spent for $420 worth of product if you buy the max, to be spent however you wish).

Please inquire directly to Steve for further detail and explanation. This special is available to NEW Clients of SNF Fitness only. Our existing troops will be entered into a COMPETITION based special shortly for a similar deal!




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