BOOM…SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio – Open For Business Exactly 1 YEAR TODAY!! – 8/22/12

BOOM….SNF Fitness – Personal Training & Strength Studio has now been open for business for exactly 1 YEAR TODAY! It’s literally been a crazy, but extremely successful first year in business at our first physical location here in Quincy. It’s been quite the learning experience, and I’m actually fairly happy that I’ve made as many mistakes (and learned appropriately from them), as I’ve had successes. The next year is only going to become bigger and better and as a result, and we will be able to provide our Clients with an even better all-around experience than they’ve already had. Below is a list of THANK YOU’S that I’d like to quickly extend (in MY light-hearted way of course)….


First off I’d like to thank my Business Partner in all this. I started working with him in an In-Home Training capacity when I had only been doing this professionally for about 6 months a few years back. Our Training eventually lasted over 1.25 years, we parted ways for a few months, and then before I knew it he ‘quickly’ became my Partner in my latest idea for a brick and mortar business. Without his initial investment, and his continued work ‘behind the scenes’ on all things that are stressful/annoying enough that I’d probably put my head through the drywall, the ‘front end’ aspect of the Studio that all our Clients see would NOT be possible, trust me. I also appreciate the fact that we can talk serious business/dollars & cents throughout the day, and then communicate as 2 ‘Bros having beers staring at girls at Bar to end the day. I’m VERY appreciative for all that he does….BOOM


Second, I’d like to thank my Lead Trainer/Nutrition Tracking Manager and Professional Ninja Jose. The ONLY way to work with AS MANY Clients as we do, is to have fully trustworthy and ROCKSTAR Trainers on my staff. I have that with Jose. I personally can only lead so many Sessions each week, and handle the business end crap in all this at the same time. Thus, I need to have our new paying customers work with someone that represents my brand the way I want it, day in and day out. Once again, Jose does just that. I’ve received COUNTLESS pieces of positive feedback since he’s started, and his good work is what has allowed us to get to that next threshold of total volume of Clients we can handle on a day to day basis. He’s an excellent Trainer, and knows how to use my facility the way it was meant to be used. I’m VERY appreciative for all that he does….BOOM


Finally, I’d like to thank the most important people in all this, OUR CLIENTS! Without paying customers, ummm, a business would like, ya know, not work and stuff. I’m VERY appreciative for all of our Clients that help us keep the lights on. I’d like to first thank my original Clients, who gave up the convenience of In-Home Training, to come see me at the ‘Little House of Torture’. It didn’t take long for them to realize how much more I could do for them now, in a custom built controlled environment, so a short drive wasn’t a big deal anymore. THANK YOU. Next, I’d like to thank all of our NEW customers that have come to us since we’ve opened doors. I fully understand the nervousness/uncertainty with utilizing a brand new, privately owned business for a service like this, and I’m thankful for all those that ‘took a shot’ with us, and have stayed with us as long as they have. With that, I’m thankful for ALL the COUNTLESS referrals we’ve received from our Clients, both old and new, that have come to our door. Just as a Realtor would say, that’s “the best compliment we can receive….”, and we are very thankful for that as well. I’m VERY appreciative for all that you ALL do….BOOM


Oh yea…and thanks to ME for building out the most bad-ass Training facility in the area…..pretty friggen saaaweeeett for just a converted little house huh??….BOOM



More good and BIG news for SNF Fitness should be coming soon…..stay tuned

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