Please note that our Company website here will now be used for basic business information only. This includes all the links above our logo as well as to the right, listed as “Pages.” You’ll find important standard information such as our About Us page, our Team, what our standard Offerings are, how to Get Started w/ us, our Rates, how to get In Touch w/ us, and more. We have removed the majority of our “Categories” section as this is much better run through our FACEBOOK Fan Page. On this page you’ll find great daily tips, important links, video, urgent info, and much much more. I wouldn’t classify this as a daily “blog” style page, but you will find the bulk of our updates done here and will want to visit it daily.

So, check us out on FACEBOOK, “like us” and invite others to do so as well….here’s to getting FIT in 2011!!!


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