**UPDATE for 9/25/09***

Jenn has now entered the 3rd Phase of her 12-Week Program as of last week. She has been making EXCELLENT progress and even without a strong dieting program, we has seen visible results from head to toe in her target areas, especially her legs. There is a chance she won’t be able to compete in this particular show, and may push back to next April because of some personal commitments and a late start on her mass dieting/cutting phase….BUT, she is completing the Program all the way through and will be providing me with 12-week mark photos so that we can all see her visible progress. Below is a snapshot in BRIEF of the 3 Phases of the 12-Week Program I put together for Jenn. She has been continuously completing this 2-3 times per week on top of her 2-3 fitness classes.

Phase 1, Weeks 1-4:

  • My “Upper Body/Mt. Climber Circuit”
  • Full 5 of 7 Rolling High-Rep Lunge Sequences
  • Added Machine Calf Press
  • 3×3 Minute Round Core Circuit

Phase 2, Weeks 5-8:

  • My “Quadruple SuperSet” Circuit
  • 3 New Lower Body Exercises(equipment based)
  • Dropped to 3 of 7 Rolling High-Rep Lunge Sequences
  • Added Calf Press Machine
  • Core Circuit

Phase 3, Weeks 9-12:

  • Push/Pull Supersets x5
  • 2 New FULL Body Exercises/Drills
  • 4 New Leg Exercises
  • New Core Circuit



One of my newest Clients is Jenn P. Jenn has hired me via my “Virtual Trainer Program” ( https://www.snf-fitness.com/detailed-service-offerings/ ) to aide her in getting into competition ready shape for an upcoming BLNPA Figure Show on October 17th of this year. Jenn had previously competed in their April 11th show.

Jenn is clearly already an advanced level Client and is looking for a unique Workout to perform in conjuncture with her weekly fitness routines. Per the ¬†Virtual Trainer Program(VTP), I have written Jenn a 12-Week Program that she’ll get modified slightly every 4 weeks. I am in constant email/text support with her throughout the week, and we follow up via phone or in-person meeting once per week to talk about her progress and/or questions about the exercises.

Jenn’s next 12-Week Fitness Regimen is as follows:

  • SNF Fitness Full Body Blitz V1.2 – 3 Times Per Week – for 12 Weeks
  • SNF Fitness New Bedford ¬†Boot Camp – 1 Time Per Week – for 1st 6-7 Weeks
  • Group Fitness Classes at her Gym(KB/Cardio/Sculpt&Tone/etc) – 2-3 Times Per Week
  • Nutrition & Cutting Diet – her own

I will be following Jenn’s progress and posting updates approximately every 2 weeks while she gets ready for her show. We have also taken “Before” pictures, and will have “After” pictures done as well to see her visual progress. Check back here every so often to see how one of my more “famous” Clients is doing!!

**Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions/interest about detailed information relating to the Program I have Jenn on**

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