One of the items I try to educate my Clients on the most is properly tracking their progress. For those on Strength Programs, your progress is most likely monitored in the gym….how many pounds you’ve added to your bench press, military press, squats, etc. But, for the majority of my Clients who’s goals are primarily weight loss or toning, they need to steer their focus and mindset off of just stepping on the scale each and every morning. I try and have the majority of my Clients focus on their change in total body fat percentage as opposed to the scales. This is one of the best ways to check your balance between the “fatty” weight you’ve lost and the lean muscle you’ve added to your body. One of my absolute BEST Clients who I’ve worked with since late March has seen a complete transformation in her body and general fitness while only fluctuating approximately 2 lbs since we started(and she was a Client who first stated “I need to lose 10lbs or else!!” at our first Consultation). For Clients that are VERY overweight, yes, the ‘scale will tell your tale’ as you drop a lot of weight at the beginning of a Training Program, but you should primarily focus on your percentage changes and general appearance. I’ve purchased brand new sets of monitoring equipment that you can see under the DO’s section below.

To properly monitor your progress, follow these very general Do’s and Dont’s at the beginning, middle, and end of your Training Program….

DON’T: weigh yourself each and every day, weigh yourself at different times of the day, get freaked out if you’re weight fluctuates a couple pounds in the wrong direction, rely on internet based BMI calculators, stare in the mirror EVERY morning

DO: try and gain access to the equipment listed below, monitor weight only once a week, wait for UNsolicited “wow have you been working out” type compliments, remember that lean muscle does carry weight, take before and after photos every 4 weeks during a 12-week plus Program, focus on nutrition just as much as your “gym-time”…..(plus more tips to come…)

Recent Upgrades I’ve made in some Progress Tracking/Monitoring equipment….

  • Omron HBF-306C Fat Loss Monitor – Gives Body Fat % and BMI readings in under 15 seconds (portable hand-held style monitor)
  • Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper – An accurate “pinch and inch” style Body Fat testing device
  • MyoTape retractable/lockable tape measure – A very accurate measurement tool that you can use accurately on yourself due to the locking mechanism – to be used on areas such as Arm, Waist, Hips, Thigh, and Calf

If Clients are unable to monitor their own progress on a personal level, I’m happy to utilize all 3 of these tools at our first Consultation, or before our very first Training Session. Second tracking/measurement round should be done after 1 month, and most certainly no earlier than every 2 weeks….

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