CORE CIRCUIT – “3×3 Minute Round AB-Rip”

The “3×3 Minute Round AB-Rip” is a Core Circuit that I use with a large number of my Clients. ┬áIt blends a full Ab routine, cardio, strength, toning, and muscle confusion principles into each round. It works for nearly all Clients and I tailor it to each individual’s fitness level. Beginner’s may need to start off with a 3×2 minute circuit.

The Circuit works as such…..

Clock starts(utilize a stop watch)….I call out random Ab exercises in a different sequence/pattern each time. Example: “Crunches, Leg Raises, Bicycle Kicks, Static Holds, V-Ups, Oblique Slides, etc. etc.” Each exercise will have a different time length each and every time. I may do Crunches for 15 seconds or maybe 25. I follow that by doing Leg Raises for 30 seconds or maybe 12. Bicycles for 15 seconds or maybe 22….I keep this up for the entire 3 minute round. The goal here is to NEVER have the Client know what’s coming next, or the duration of each round. That way, internally they never know the start/end points of each exercise. This is a variation of the popular Muscle Confusion principle. We do this for a full 3 minute round(trust me this is a VERY exhausting 3 minutes). Client then rests for 45 seconds, and I complete 2 more full rounds. The full Circuit will include 9 working minutes, and 1 1/2 minutes worth of rest.

This is a Circuit that can be included during EVERY Session with a Trainer. It’s VERY hard to “do this to yourself” as you’ll need to both keep your own clock, and it’s nearly impossible to use the Confusion principle if you know where you’ll start and end each exercise. You can do something similar such as take 5-6 exercises and do say 20 reps of each back-to-back. BUT, you’ll know the start/end points of each transitional exercise and thus would defeat the goal of using the variation of the Muscle Confusion principle.

My Clients RAVE about this Circuit, and even some of my gym-only Clients that do the shorter 30 minute Sessions with me will ask to have this Circuit done to them and use a full 1/3 of their paid Session!

NOTE: My absolute BEST Client that MOTORS through this Circuit is 52 year old Betty “Abs of Steel” Sparks! SO, as hard as this Circuit may seem it can be done, and done WELL, by anyone!!

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