Studio Update – 1/2/22

Studio Updates for January 2nd, 2022 —  It’s been a while since our last site post, but we are still alive, well, and thriving at SNF Fitness. Changes and time constraints due to COVID have put a damper on many things, including site updates, and unfortunately some items are out of date. We will be including some notes below, but as always, reaching out direct if you are genuinely interested in starting a Training Program is always best.

What are we doing for 2022 We are still offering our 2 pieces of CORE business, both 1 on 1 and Semi Private Personal Training. Our calendar is continually changing here, so reaching out direct for availability on both programs will get you real time information on that. We are also now offering 100% Virtual Personal Training for those that prefer to work out in the confines of their own space. After years of resistance to ‘online training’, COVID forced us to implement Virtual options, and we have actually been extremely impressed at how we can make this work effectively (our process is a bit different). We initially started this option with existing Clientele when there unfortunately wasn’t an option, and the results were very impressive. We’ve now implemented it with numerous new Clients over the last 6+ months with excellent results as well. If you’re interested in learning how this program works, please reach out directly.

Who should contact usSerious trainees that truly want to engage in all facets of a proper Personal Training practice. We set in studio or virtual appointments each week with Clients, help them with scheduling and organizing their personal workouts around that, implement 3 Phase Nutritional Coaching, and help with time management skills/ideas to help make it all easier. Only those that truly want to engage in this Program should reach out to us.

Again, for further information and clarification on how SNF Fitness works in the new 2022, please reach out direct to Steve. Starting over at our New Client Intake page is also a good idea so that we have your baseline information as well prior to our chat.


We Are OPEN For Business!!


Please note that we are not currently accepting anymore new 1 on 1 Clients until at least the completion of the first full week of September. We are well above capacity with our 1 on 1 availability and only have a very limited number of spaces in our combo indoor/outdoor Semi Private training in the late evenings. Please reach out to us via email with any further questions or give us a shout again in September!



Business Update – Monday, June 29th, 2020

Hello! After much waiting and waiting and waiting, we’ve been given the green light to open as of June 22nd! It’s been a long road getting back to ‘normal’ over the last 3 months, and we appreciate the patience of both our extremely devoted existing Clientele, as well as the wealth of new trainee’s that have inquired over the last week. There have been a lot of changes that have been made in here, and we hope to have everyone’s strong and committed teamwork oriented mindset to run this place effectively, while keeping sanitation and safety as our #1 priority. We’ve reviewed ALL Covid-19 related recommendations on how to manage our facility, and are happy to report that the steps we’ve implemented are actually more than what is technically needed. Small, privately owned Training Studios have ALWAYS been the cleanest and most safe space to train in, and we will be continuing that at an elevated level here at SNF Fitness.

Please note that our facility has run at nearly a 60/40 split as Semi Private vs 1 on 1 Personal Training for nearly the last 4+ years. As it sits now, we are unfortunately only focusing on 1 on 1 Training per state recommendation. While this increases our thoroughness with both our product and our sanitation protocols, it limits our availability. If you’re serious about getting back into a proper routine, call and book with us ASAP as slots truly are limited. Steps as they sit now would be to fill out our New Client Intake Form, and then immediately follow up with a phone call (5084044523). We’ll have a quick intro chat, and hopefully get you booked for an on-site Tour/Fitness Consultation as early as the next day.

*****UPDATE JULY 12th, 2020 — Due to some lifted restrictions, we are now able to bring back our Semi Private Personal Training in a reduced capacity, while also following mask protocols when social distances are not able to be met. Please ask Steve direct with regards to how this is going to work now. 



NEW FALL Programs Starting NOW at SNF Fitness!!


To get a sense of what Training here is like if you stick to the plan, please see our >> TESTIMONIALS << page to review some great feedback from some of our most successful Clientele! Scroll DOWN on this post to see some gym pics!


SNF Fitness – 1 on 1 and Semi Private Personal Training located at 261 Willard St in Quincy! NEW FALL Programs are Starting NOW – CALL to reserve your Training Session times ASAP! 


Our Training Programs, both 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training, are designed specifically for YOU. We focus on Barbell, Dumbbell, Body-weight, Suspension, Kettlebell, and unique Core-specific Training methods that are tailored to accommodate anyone. Our Client base ranges from 17 through 89 years young!

When large gyms become intimidating, group classes get too big, and cookie cutter workouts or videos just don’t seem to work, there’s 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training at SNF Fitness. With 1 on 1 Training being the purest form of direct Training, and Semi Private Groups maxing out at 4 participants, everyone receives the attention they need.

Contact us NOW and mention/print this post to receive a full 10% OFF your Starter Pack with us!














A couple notes from SNF Fitness…

FIRST: SPRING is here, and so are our freshest new Training Programs at SNF Fitness! Let’s CUT some weight while getting STRONG doing it! Over 15 new Clients have started with us in both our Semi Private and 1 on 1 Training Programs over the last couple months, with ENDLESS amounts of inches lost, and gains in strength each and every week. Become one of our newest ‘progress junkies’ by enrolling in our ‘Starter Pack’ at a reduced rate of 20% OFF! Our Starter Pack allows new Clients the opportunity to get 1 full week of Training and Nutritional Coaching with no long term obligations at all. Call Steve at 508.404.4523 to book time NOW!

SECOND: For those planning a visit to 261 Willard to see what we’re all about, please note that it is better to call ahead and book an appointment to take a tour of our facility and talk about your Training Program needs. It’s nearly impossible for us to conduct an unscheduled tour during Training hours. Please start by filling out our New Client Intake Form, then immediately call Steve at 508.404.4523 to set your time. Don’t wait, June 1 is closer than you think!



Our 2015 SNF Fitness Holiday Gift Card promotion is now live!  Starting today, 12/4, and running though Xmas eve night, SNF Gift Cards may be purchased at a FULL 30% SAVINGS OFF of our current rates for both our 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training plans. $280 worth of Training available NOW for $199!

We’re fully aware of the cliché ‘Give the Gift of Health’ one-liner, but it’s completely true. This is an excellent way to introduce someone to ALL facets of a properly planned Exercise/Health/Wellness Program as we run it at SNF Fitness. A single Gift Card can give someone hours of insight into a world they may know little about, or some motivation to re-enter. 

Gift Cards are a hard plastic credit card style card, and come with an envelope and message card. Message STEVE direct with any and all questions or to purchase.



Gift Cards 2012


*This promotion is for new or returning customers only. Restrictions may apply.


Announcing our BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL here at SNF Fitness for Friday, November 27th. Receive a full 40% OFF our ‘Starter Pack’ when you mention this post! Regular price – $150 — Discounted Price -$90. Act NOW and SAVE!



Come join some of our brand NEW Trainee’s who have attained the following progress points in just their first few weeks to a couple months with us…..

Kathy T: 5 pounds, and TONS of energy gained!

Susan M: 12 pounds, and a complete re-work of her Posterior Chain mobility.

Donna L: Strength, strength, and more strength, as well as a much needed Nutritional education. 

Sarah D: Strength, weight loss, and the ability to now both work around and worth through a tough injury that required surgery. 

‘FALL’ Back Into Your Routine w/ a New Training Program at SNF Fitness!

UPDATE for mid-September….

Fall Special recently posted to our Facebook Page…Eligible to all!

SNF Fitness – 1 on 1 and Semi Private Personal Training located at 261 Willard St in Quincy!

Our Training Programs are designed specifically for YOU. We focus on Barbell, Dumbbell, Body-weight, Suspension, Kettlebell, and unique Core-specific Training methods that are tailored to accommodate anyone. Our Client base ranges from 17 through 88 years young!

When large gyms become intimidating, group classes get too big, and cookie cutter workouts or videos just don’t seem to work, there’s 1 on 1 and Semi Private Training at SNF Fitness. With 1 on 1 Training being the purest form of direct Training, and Semi Private Groups maxing out at 4 participants, everyone receives the attention they need.

Contact us NOW and mention/print this post to receive a full 15% OFF your first month or first package with us!


Our NEW post Labor Day Training Programs and Rate Plan options are just about to go LIVE here at SNF Fitness! During our slower weeks in July and August, we have been trying out new and exciting Training routines and methods on some of our existing and new Clientele with excellent results! On top of that we’ve added some new Equipment that’s just been purchased, changed part of our facility lay out, and will be increasing the total number of Semi Private Training hours each week. Come join some of our long term Trainee’s who continue to become better versions of themselves each and every month, or catch the success wave that some of our newbies have been experiencing….. 



Please see our RATES page that’s recently been updated to pick the best plan that suits you and your needs. On our ‘membership style’ billing plan, you can get Training rates as low as $30/Session! Call now!

Summer Season ‘Training Blocks’ Available at SNF Fitness!

To make progress in your fitness journey, following a proper Training Program is essential. But, that can be very challenging as we approach the belly of the summer season. Training time can be minimal, so making the most out of THAT time becomes very important. Having a Trainer guide the little time you have to work out, and performing a genuine Training Session is one of our best options to get 100% out of each and every hour you can invest in the Gym. Don’t discount the effectiveness of spot workouts!

Starting today through the end of the month, purchase individual Training ‘Blocks’ at SNF Fitness and use them how you see fit for the remainder of the summer. These ‘Blocks’ can be used whenever you want, and don’t expire until Labor Day. Train 3 days this week, 0 the next, 2 after that, and so on. The goal is to make sure we give you the BEST workout possible whenever you can make it in! This is a great way to bridge the Summer before getting back on track with a properly designed Program in September. Contact the Gym today to purchase, as we’ll be limiting sales as it relates to our limited Trainer coverage for the rest of the summer. Call NOW

Sessions can often be booked in as little as 24 hour notice as it flows with our Semi Private Training Calendar. Purchase a book of 8 Training ‘Blocks’ for $325, or 15 ‘Blocks’ for $525!.


*NOTE: These are designed to be genuine Personal Training Sessions. Meaning that we will be doing an injury Q&A at the time of purchase, talk about Summer goals, talk about how we will use the facility for you and those goals, as well as a light Nutritional roundup. These are not full time one-size-fits-all workouts. 

*Limited to NEW or returning customers only


NOW is the time to get started! Don’t wait until the first warm week of the year (because who knows when that will ever happen) to call your local Personal Trainer. Regardless of where the weather is at, if you want to look good for the Summer, that STARTS in the Winter. While someone very ‘clever’ created the meme below however many years ago, it’s unfortunately true. Sitting there thinking about it day after day, will only leave a mirror image of the current YOU in the next 3 months.

Call NOW and act NOW. We run one of the most comprehensive Semi Private and 1 on 1 Training Programs in the area, with a brand NEW monthly billing Program bringing Personal Training Sessions down to as low as $35/Session! We cover your Training needs both in and out of our facility, give access to an exclusive Client Corner page that allows you to NEVER miss a workout, as well as a 3 phase Nutrition Program that includes 2 full done-for-you Meal Plan options as well. CALL us direct with any questions, we’re only 10 digits away on your phone….508.404.4523




Our SNF Fitness ‘Holiday Food Challenge’ is now COMPLETE, with a 535 item donation going to QCAP here in Quincy!

** NOTE, 12/27: See a great little article that the Ledger ran on us in their 12/24 edition HERE **


A quick note from Steve….Tuesday morning, 1045am 12/23…..


I don’t often use the phrase, “I’m tickled pink”…but when I do, it’s for something like this. Mike and I are on our way to drop off ALL of these food items to QCAP here in Quincy in just a moment. I have to say I’m ridiculously impressed with the amount we were able to produce out of such a small gym and small network. I originally penned this idea hoping for 200 items. After we decided to start us off with 100 on behalf of the Gym, that immediately bumped to a lofty goal of 300. After pinging all my Clients, sending out an email blast to a couple small groups I’m in, and utilizing a few social media posts, I’m happy to report I’m in the process of stocking my truck with just shy of 550 ITEMS! This is great and we appreciate all those that participated in our ‘Challenge’ here at SNF Fitness. This story and our efforts were picked up by the Patriot Ledger just yesterday, so keep an eye out in an upcoming issue of the paper for more info on this! Thanks again….






From our original internal challenge….



It’s another time of year again in here, time to give a little back to those less fortunate than us. This year I’ve partnered 
the Gym with QCAP – Quincy Community Action Programs, supporting their emergency food shelter. As most have seen 
over the last few days to a week, I’ve completely cleaned out the shelving area above the floor cutout on the 2nd floor. 
You’ve probably noticed some literature up there regarding this as well. For the next 21 days, this will be our in-house 
DONATION STATION. This is certainly an area of need right now for these folks. I think we sometime take for granted the 
fancy foods I suggest…. fresh this, farmed that, all natural this, and so on. Some people can’t even afford a can of soup. 

I’d like to challenge all of those that train with us, to help support this cause with the following ‘suggested donation’: 1 
item/piece per Training visit to us between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This means if you’re planning to hit say 10 
workouts with us during that time period, you’d ‘owe’ 10 items from the list below. ANY donation at all is of course 
accepted and appreciated, but I figured this would put a nice little twist on it. You can either donate all your items up front, 
or bring a donation piece with you each time you come in to sweat with us. I have a planned delivery to them on Monday 
the 22nd, and I’d love to need to solicit the help of our strongest bulls here to help me carry all of our donation items 
downstairs into my truck. 

My Business Partner and I have agreed to start us off strong with 100 pieces on behalf of our Team here at SNF Fitness, 
and I’m hoping we’ll be able to at least triple that up. Thank you in advance.


*Peanut Butter
*Baby Formula
*Can of Soup
*Tuna packed in Water
*Pasta Sauce
*Box of Cereal
*Bag of Rice